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Ballet Body
Roberta Senn
Ballet Body™ Fitness
(516) 466-3515
Ballet Body™ Fitness
A Barre / Stretch Class for Non-Dancers
  • The Ballet Body™ class uses the actual barre warm-ups of a ballet dancer to stretch, tone and strengthen all the muscles.
  • 25 minutes of Yoga stretches followed by 35 minutes of barre exercises to beautiful classical music.
  • Ballet warm-ups work the core abdominal muscles, strengthen the back and align the spine to give you a dancer's grace and posture.
  • These exercises slow aging by preventing osteoporosis and improving balance, and they thoroughly tone your inner thighs and give you that perfect dancer's butt.
ROBERTA SENN created the first ballet barre class for adults 25 years ago. After her own international ballet career, she opened the great Neck School of Dance and soon after created Ballet Body™ Fitness.

She taught it in Manhattan at the Lincoln Center Reebok Sports Club and NY Health and Raquet Club. Roberta enjoys teaching non-dancer, enabling them to achieve a dancer's body by doing real ballet warm-ups.

Manhattan Location
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(516) 466-3515
Great Neck Location
Great Neck School of Dance
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Ballet Technique
Our ballet technique classes include stretch, barre, center and across the floor exercises. We teach all the schools: American, Russian, French, Italian and our classes run from beginner through intermediate. Our instructors are all professional dancers, currently performing.

Ballroom Dance – Introduction to the Art of Social Dance
Throughout history, social dance has brought so much joy to those who participate. This course will focus on the basic elements of Waltz, Foxtrot, Swing and Tango. Within each of these dance forms, we will examine both historical and modern styles. While learning each individual dance, you will be developing important concepts which will apply to all good dancing. Through this course you will be building a strong foundation of social dance technique, musicality, partnering and improvisation. This class can be taken with or without a partner.

Yoga Stretch
Yoga stretch is 45 minutes of stretches designed to stretch every muscle of the body with a special concentration on spine and hamstrings. Ballet dancers do a wide variety of stretches, many of which are drawn from Yoga. This class is good for athletes and weight lifters; it has wide ranging benefits for everyone including improvement of posture and relief of many back problems.
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